Learn to make the same meals that are served at Tapa La Luna

By Meaghen Harms

DeKALB | Tapa La Luna, 226 E. Lincoln Highway, will host cooking classes on the last Saturday of each month through April.

The series of classes is called Taste of Tapa La Luna. They will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. Each class has a different theme from around the world. Themes will include vegetarian, Mediterranean and Asian. Each class teaches those in attendance to make three appetizers and a cocktail.

According to the restaurant’s website, those attending the upcoming class will be making “polenta bites with garlic lemony roasted peppers, caprese salad skewers, caramelized onion and blue cheese cream tarts with a cherry basil mojito and a fuzzy rojo cocktail.”

“The response so far has been positive so we may continue this in the future,” said Debbie Witmer, Tapa La Luna co-owner.

The idea of the cooking class was developed by Witmer and her co-owner Mel, along with Tapa La Luna Chef Chad Warborg.

“People like going to events and with the popularity of cooking shows and how much people love to cook we are making it easy to recreate dishes,” Witmer said.

Warborg said these particular meals were chosen to show that those who attend can make a wide variety of items.

“We tried to do something creative that not everyone can have when they go out,” Warborg said.

The class is led by Warborg in the Tapa La Luna kitchen.

“The restaurant has a unique feel and opportunity because of its setup and hours of operation which allows it to be able to host the cooking classes,” Witmer said.

The cost for each class is $15, which can be paid the day of the class.