The Rant: What the Wittels?

By Andrew Singer

Remember Garrett Wittels?

He’s the Florida International University shortstop that ended last season on a 56-game hitting streak, two games shy of Robin Ventura’s Division-I record 58-game streak.

Last December, the junior was charged with the rape of a 17-year old girl. The alleged incident occurred while Wittels was vacationing in the Bahamas.

Under a cloud of controversy, Wittels has been cleared to play in the Golden Panthers’ first game this weekend.

So, instead of suspending Wittels until more evidence is released, FIU has decided that a rape charge isn’t as serious as a hitting streak. In all fairness to Wittels, this could be a repeat of the rape charges against members of the 2006 Duke men’s lacrosse team that turned out to be completely bogus.

Anytime the word rape is used in a police report, though, business on the baseball team should not be conducted normally. Lock it up FIU.