Students view bloody documentary for money

By Drew Veskauf

DeKALB | Students were able to earn a dollar for viewing a documentary on the horrors of factory farming Wednesday afternoon.

The Vegetarian Education Group partnered with DeKalb County’s Justice For Animals to share a stand in the Holmes Student Center to screen a movie on what happens in factory farms and how the animals are treated.

“So much is completely hidden from us on purpose,” said VEG treasurer Kaylee Walters.

The documentary was split into four sections containing bloody footage of the slaughter and treatment of the animals. The first two parts were focused on egg and poultry production which was followed by the processing of dairy and beef. Each emphasized the mistreatment of the animals used for the production of the factory farm goods.

“The brutality is just beyond words,” said senior psychology major Joseph Lotta. “It does cause you to think twice about that.”

VEG is a student organization dedicated to educating others on campus and the surrounding areas on the positive influence a vegetarian diet can have on health, the environment and animal welfare.

“People are growing more and more interested in it,” Walters said.

Along with viewing the documentary footage, pamphlets and other reading material were laid out to educate passers-by on the subject. The two groups were also encouraging the use of plant-based diets which involve no animal input.

The groups also handed out vegan lemon cookies so those interested could sample what a plant-based food product tastes like.