Supplemental funding approved at SA Senate

By Kyla Gardner and Jacqueline Evans

The Student Association Senate voted to approve $3,300 in supplemental funding to two student organizations Sunday night.

The Senate has $4,984 remaining in its budget, which is funded by student fees.

The senators approved funding to the NIU Equestrian Team and NIU Men’s Rugby Team for tournament fees and partial or full hotel costs for the groups to compete in tournaments.

The senate approved $1,700 to the NIU Equestrian Team, $1,993 less than the team’s request of $3,693.

Treasurer Alex Terry said in previous years the team has sent individual qualifiers to the Intercollegiate Horse Show National Championship. This year she said she expects the entire team to qualify and compete.

“We are grateful for the amount allocated; this is an expensive sport,” said team Co-President Hannah Kautz. “The money will cover the individual rider fee, and we are excited about that.”

The senate voted to approve $1,691 in supplemental funding to NIU Men’s Rugby, $4,671 less than its original request of $6,362. The team will use the funds to attend several tournaments throughout the rest of the semester.

“It’s great that we got our funding, but next year we hope that our budget is approved for theses expenses,” said team Treasurer Daniel Pammer.

The Senate voted to deny supplemental funding to the Philippine Student Association for a concert the organization plans to hold in support of AF3IRM, an anti-imperialist, feminist women’s organization.

Senators pointed out that officers of the Philippine Student Association had signed the SA supplemental funding request form, which states that supplemental funding cannot be used for concerts, speakers or films.

“We were aware [of the restriction], but the office manager told us to try, and at the worst they could tell us is no,” said Geoffrey Paelmo, president of the Philippine Student Association.

The Senate voted to create the Senate Procedural Review Committee, which will review and revise the SA bylaws and constitution.

Many senators expressed interest in serving on the committee and questioned the appointments that were made by then-Speaker Jeremy Peters. Speaker Austin Quick said he would consider changing the makeup of the committee.

The Senate also voted to approve and swore in five new senators: Nik Champion, Jeremy Piscoran, Brittany Tidwell, Tanner Bailey and Paul Julion.

The Senate voted to approve Demetrius Strong as the new director of Mass Transit.

“It’s great to be approved so we can officially move forward as a committee,” Strong said.

Strong resigned as a senator and left vacant one senator position on the Board of Elections and the position of the committee’s chairman.

Tidwell was approved as the fifth senator to serve on the Board of Elections. The Senate voted Nick Wians as new chairman of the Board of Elections.

The Senate voted to approve the inclusion of a referendum on the executive Student Association election ballot to ask students whether they support switching to the plus/minus grading system.

The information obtained will have no direct impact on the decision, but will be an avenue for student input that can be brought to administrators, Quick said.

The Senate voted unanimously to recognize the NIU Bike Club, a group that promotes bike safety and aims to bring together a community of bike-riders.

“It feels great to be approved and finally have a place to meet,” said club president Steven Olsen, senior mechanical engineering major.

The Senate also held a moment of silence for NIU student Alexis “Lexi” Weber, who was killed Feb. 21 in a car accident.

Editor’s note: Jeremy Piscoran is a former staff writer for the Northern Star.