The Tony Martin challenge: Emmaus College Boys christmas pictures

By Tony Martin

So, we have our first submission up for review.

Today’s submission comes from the “Emmaus College Boys,” who’s Brian Singer sent me their Christmas pictures for review. He wrote:

Hey Tony,

These pictures me and my roommates and next-door neighbors took over winter vacation for Christmas and we think they’re brilliant, hilarious and portray some good-looking (and some single) guys. Take a look!

Guys in the pictures: Brian Singer, Kevin Singer, Ben Wilson, Aaron Kapper, Donovan Martin, Ned Swanson, Terry Houston Craig Worrall.

Don’t be jealous,

Brian Singer

First and foremost, aside from a brief syntax error, the e-mail listing the submission was pretty well written. However, the second I saw the pictures enclosed, I nearly lost my cool.

These pictures are phenomenal. These pictures re-define the emerging popularity of the “ugly Christmas sweater.”

The pictures are also brilliantly lit, and the shading around the borders really gives these photos a professional touch. The poses are mind-blowing.

When the e-mail said that some of these guys were single, I almost doubled over. I showed these pictures to my editor, a few of my friends, and my mom. They were met with unanimous laughter. Well done, Emmaus College Boys, its refreshing to see pictures so creatively done.

I half expected to find out that these guys were also in a barber shop quartet or something. I can see them all harmonizing to something like “Afternoon Delight” after these pictures were taken. I will force myself to stop rambling before I start repeating myself, but kudos to my new heroes.

The post script on the submission e-mail simply read: “Don’t be jealous.” Well, I have to apologize, because I am totally jealous. These photos are brilliant. If you happen to know any of these guys personally, be proud. These are either the coolest dudes on campus or the total opposite, but I’m betting on the former.