DeKalb, Sycamore fire departments ask for help with fire hydrants

By Danny Ciamprone

Fires are never a good thing, especially when fire hydrants are invisible.

During the aftermath of a snow storm cleanup, clearing fire hydrants is one of the first priorities.

Since the storm, the DeKalb and Sycamore fire departments, along with the DeKalb water department, have been at work to clear the areas around the hydrants.

DeKalb Fire Chief Bruce Harrison estimates there are roughly 2,600 hydrants in the area, and most were engulfed in snow.

“The clean-up is going really well,” Harrison said. “The fire department and the water department went out over the weekend and we’re in a much better position now.”

Harrison said it is necessary to keep the streets clear in order to get around.

“They’re right near the roads, so it’s inevitable,” Harrison said.

Marc Doty, Sycamore assistant fire chief, was optimistic about the cleanup.

“I’ve reached out to volunteer organizations such as the Boy Scouts to help with the cleanup,” Doty said. “This way it helps us out and also satisfies community service requirements.”

The necessity to use a hydrant in Sycamore is rare because they are usually used only for structure fires, Doty said. Having them readily available, however, is always a must.

Fire departments urge people to clear the area around any obstructed hydrants they see.

“We’re seeing a strong response from citizens in the community to help us out,” Harrison said. “We’re very thankful for that.”