Faceoff: Who benefits from an NFL lockout?

By Brian Thomas and Andrew Singer

Andrew Singer: With the looming expiration of the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, people are starting to envision the possibility of a world without football on Sundays. Fantasy football nerds everywhere will die a little bit if there are no sleeper picks to discuss next fall. That said, I don’t really care, because I’m a fan of the Buffalo Bills. So, let’s discuss some of the positives of an NFL lockout.

Brian Thomas: One positive is that I won’t have to sit in front of my computer and TV for a whole day and watch football highlights and stats update. This will allow me to actually have a life and accomplish something. Another positive is that not all football is gone. There is still college football on every Saturday for the football fanatics.

AS: No NFL could be a great thing for Dave Doeren and the NIU football team. If there is no game on Sunday to worry about, maybe people will actually find their way over to Brigham Field on Saturdays. When the Huskies faced off against Temple last October in one of the biggest games of the 2010 season, the attendance was embarrassingly low.

BT: I believe that no NFL season could not only be a great thing just for NIU, but all of college football. I am not much of a college football fan and don’t follow it nearly as closely as I follow the NFL. But if there was no NFL and I had no other choice, I would definitely buy into college football. I don’t think that I would be the only one; I believe that college football would be embraced everywhere and put into an even brighter spotlight.

AS: College football is hugely popular when the NFL is thriving; one could only imagine how much harder the ESPN hype machine would work for college football if Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were nowhere to be found.

Forgetting about football, though, a potential lockout could definitely help out the often struggling NHL. People want as many bone-crushing hits as they can get, and hockey can definitely help deliver them. Heck, if I were NHL commissioner Gary Bettman (which I’m not because I’m not stupid), I would be planning my marketing plan for a possible lockout right now.

BT: Every sport would benefit from the NFL going into a lockout. The NFL interferes with all sports. It takes coverage away from the NBA and the NHL. The NFL even overshadows America’s national pastime, the World Series. A regular weekend in the NFL is more important and receives more coverage than the World Series does. Baseball used to be America’s favorite sport, and without football maybe it could make a comeback.

AS: Baseball is, after all, the only perfect game. The World Series wasn’t always a joke. It used to be simply referred to as “The Series” and was followed by most of the country. If I knew an NFL lockout would get the country to pay attention to the Fall Classic, I would personally go up to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and spit in his face and tell him it was from NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith, just to stir things up.