Third Onion play a story of unconventional addiction

By Connor Rice

“How can a girl with so many lovers be so unlovable?”

The protagonist of “One Foot In and One Foot Back” must ask this question of herself in the newest School of Theatre and Dance Third Onion production.

The one-act play, written by senior theatre major Carolyn Guido, centers around Clare, a young woman who has recently returned from Spain. When visited by her ex-boyfriend, Clare finds herself recalling her romantic exploits in Europe, digging slowly through her affairs and confronting her addiction to men and relationships.

“The show was inspired by conversations that I listened to that a therapist has with their patient through hypnosis,” Guido said. “I wanted to know what would happen if the therapist was emotionally invested in the patient and [wasn’t] an expert. What can happen when someone delves too deeply into their memory?”

Being a Third Onion production, “One Foot In and One Foot Back” serves as a fundraiser for the SOTD. The show is entirely student-produced.

“I think the Third Onion is a really great and necessary outlet for students,” said senior theatre major Elizabeth Sprecher. “I was lucky and happy to work with such a talented cast. I really appreciated the opportunity to work on a new play with the playwright present. I think it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had.”

“One Foot In and One Foot Back” runs tonight, Friday and Saturday at 10:30 p.m. in the Stevens Building Corner Theatre. Tickets are $3 at the door.