Faceoff: Which AFC team would the NFC champion want to face in the Super Bowl?

By Chris Dertz & Katie Leb

Chris Dertz: Katie, this weekend is sort of a big deal in the NFL. But let’s be honest; we can just skip these stupid championship games that nobody cares about and skip straight ahead to the one that really counts, and no, I don’t mean the Pro Bowl.

Katie Leb: Ah yes, the loveliness of the Pro Bowl, which until recently was a waste of 60 minutes of half-hearted effort. Oh wait, I just got the image of offensive linemen lying on the Honolulu beaches. Moving on.

CD: Yes, moving past that image. So which AFC team would the NFC representative rather face: New York Jets or Pittsburgh Steelers?

KL: Obviously the NFC representative would rather face the Buffalo Bills, but this is not the early ‘90s. The NFC teams have opposing strengths. The Packers’ offense is h-o-t-t right now, just as is their quarterback, but the Bears rely on the muscle of the defense and speed of Devin Hester on special teams. Therefore, after conducting a scientific study with a sample of three, I say the Bears want to face the elderly Steelers offense. For the Packers it does not matter, Clay Matthews will tear the leg off of anyone. He is not biased.

CD: I don’t see how you could ever choose to face a team as fearsome as the Steelers. That “elderly” Steelers offense took it to the Ravens last week, making a perennially great defense look like the Little Giants, without the adorable and with the pre-pubescent anxiety. Ben Roethlisberger is prone to have his way with any defense that he comes across, and with Hines Ward split out wide and Rashard Mendenhall in the backfield, that offense is always more dangerous than anyone thinks.

KL: I can buy that, but I doubt either NFC team wants to focus extended attention on what is happening off the turf. This is the first year I have really felt the off-field drama has sparked more conversation than how the teams are playing. Again, this is just the AFC, and really the Jets. Out of the four remaining teams, the Jets are that kid that no one wants to sit by at lunch. Everyone wants to be nourished by what is in front of them and the Jets are busy squeezing ketchup in milk cartons. They take the attention off the game and will make the Super Bowl the newest reality show to embarrass New Jersey.

CD: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Can you imagine the amazingness that Rex Ryan and company could provide with two whole weeks of buildup? On the delicious scale, it would be right up there with chocolate and peanut butter. I can’t deal with the silly debate anymore. This just got personal. Luckily, I can automatically declare myself the winner.