Five minutes with.. Courtney Shelton, captain for NIU women’s basketball

By Katie Leb

More than halfway through her junior season as guard and captain for NIU women’s basketball, Courtney Shelton has racked up some memorable moments this season. The Northern Star sat down with Shelton to discuss the action both on and off the court, as well as speaking in jest about her ‘baby steps’ dance move.

Northern Star: You were able to celebrate your belated birthday with the team in Iowa. What did you do for it?

Courtney Shelton: At Texas Roadhouse I got to sit on a saddle. Everyone was cheering for me as I was sitting on that saddle. It was a good time.

NS: With events like that, how does that help form the team bond?

CS: It definitely makes us closer as a team. We spend a ton of time together, but those nights that we get to go out and be together and have fun off the court really shows everyone’s true personality. You get to laugh together, eat together and it makes us closer. That helps off the court because it builds that chemistry when you get on the court too.

NS: Any other fun stories?

CS: I’m sure there’s a couple. We were at Toledo and we went to Spaghetti Warehouse. There was a little love tester game. I got a quarter and did the love tester. I got the highest love “untouchable” and then [Danielle Pulliam] did the love tester as well. She got “clammy.” She was a clammy lover I suppose. That is still a running joke that she is “clammy Dani” now.

NS: Speaking of road games this season, talk about the game-winning half-court shot you had at Southern Illinois.

CS: I’ll never forget that. It was a great feeling, probably one of the best feelings of my life just to hit that shot. I still watch it sometimes and think ‘how the heck did that happen?’ My team set me up great for that shot… I remember hitting the shot and going to half court. Out of nowhere it was Marke [Freeman] who tackled me and then I had a couple girls banging on me. It looked like they were attacking me.

NS: Most recently, you were seen on the Dance Cam at a home game grooving to the music. Looking ahead to when you are finished with basketball, do you have a dance career in mind?

CS: Most definitely. I’ve had a lot of people come up to me about that Dance Cam. Talking about my great moves. I’m not surprised about it at all. I obviously know I have great dance moves, and I’m not surprised they put it up on the jumbo-tron for everyone to see. I’m pretty sure the crowd loved it. There will be more of that to come, don’t worry.