The Rant: Al Davis used to be cool

By Andrew Singer

Anyone who thinks Al Davis has no place in the NFL knows absolutely nothing about football.

With the hiring of Hue Jackson as the Oakland Raiders new head coach, people are back using Davis as just another punch line. It’s true the Raiders owner has made his share of mistakes over the past few years, but what he’s done over the course of his career more than makes up for any follies.

Most people have no idea that Davis coached for Army, USC, and the American Football League’s L.A. Chargers and Raiders before he even started his career as an executive. The man knows football. Or at least he knew football at one point.

Named commissioner of the AFL in 1966, Davis was instrumental in the NFL and AFL merging. Though Davis really had no interest in a merger because he knew with him in charge, the AFL could do more than just survive.

Soon after Al Davis was named commissioner, the NFL approached AFL founder Lamar Hunt about a merger. NFL owners had no interest in dealing with Davis’ style of management. Fact is that Davis had a huge hand in creating the very game we watch today.

It’s sickening that the average sports fan has no desire to learn about a man before they begin denigrating him in an attempt to look smart. Crack open a book, football fans, before you spew your stupidity to the world. Oh, and remember one thing:

Al Davis said it best; “Just win, baby.”