Douglas residents receive winter present

By Allyson Martin

DeKALB | Residents of the A-wing in Douglas hall returned from winter break to find they had received their long fought for televisions in their hall study rooms.

“All of the other wings had them before us, it just was not fair,” said Jordan Rivera, freshman business and marketing major.

Rivera, who lives in A-wing, explained that the three other wings in Douglas Hall had living learning communities, or LLCs, and they have all had televisions for years now.

Jamie Price, community advisor and junior photography major, explained why the LLCs received their TVs so long ago.

“The LLCs have a special budget,” Price said. “They were able to afford the TVs whereas the A-wing did not have any special funds.”

According to Douglas Complex Coordinator Connie Storey, the people living in the LLCs have to pay a fee and that is where the centers get their funds from.

According to Price and Rivera, the TVs came only after strenuous campaigning in hall council where residents from the five A-wing floors would attend and voice their complaint at how unfairly they felt their wing was being treated.

“The money for the TVs came from the hall council budget,” Storey said. “Lincoln Hall recently did something similar.”

Now that the TVs have been mounted on the walls, the A-wing residents can reap the benefits that come with them.

“I think it really encourages people to come out and socialize, to bond with their floor mates,” Price said.

Price said she might plan movie night programs or schedule a Jersey Shore season finale night where all the residents can watch the show together.

Rivera said having the TVs in the lounge allows him the option of watching TV while not disturbing his roommate when he is studying.

“I think I am going to use the TV at least one day out of the week,” Rivera said.