MAP grant funding to decrease at average of $102 per student

By Amy Kreeger

Students may soon have to find other means to pay for college.

Kathleen Brunson, director of Student Financial Aid, said almost 6,000 students received the MAP grant last fall, and those who are receiving it this semester can expect a decrease.

The average decrease per student will be $102, Brunson said.

The financial aid office does not have a loan specifically for the monetary loss of each student.

“There aren’t any available resources to directly make up the cost,” she said.

With the maximum amount being taken away sitting at $124, Brunson said, students are looking for other ways to make up the difference.

Financial Aid counselor Linda McElhaney said the difference does not seem like a lot, but to some students it is costly.

The expenses for things such as books could be a concern in the future, said Marissa Gill, junior clinical lab science major.

“It’s not affecting me substantially, but if the budget continues to decrease, I’m afraid I’m going to have to start paying for books out of pocket,” Gill said.

Brunson said there are less students that have received the MAP grant this semester because there are less students enrolled. Even though there are deductions made from students’ financial aid, there are other options.

“We are offering more loans to students who have additional loan eligibility, which is determined when you turn in your FAFSA,” McElhaney said.

McElhaney said this can include both Stafford loans for students and Plus loans for parents.