The Rant: Bulls are thirsty for ‘Melo Yellow

By Jimmy Johnson

Chicago Bulls basketball is surging at a light-speed pace.

Led by MVP candidate Derrick Rose, the Bulls appear to be on track toward a long run in the playoffs.

But  acquiring three-time all-star Carmelo Anthony would position them as the clear-cut favorite over the three Eastern Conference juggernauts: the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic.

With New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov pulling his team out of the Carmelo Anthony derby, it only seems fitting for the Bulls to re-enter themselves in the race for one of the NBA’s elite scorers.

The Denver Nuggets are now in a tough position for bargaining power. Anthony will certainly grow more dissatisfied being stuck in the Mile High City and the Nuggets don’t want to come up dry and get nothing for him in return.

Perhaps a package around Bulls forward Luol Deng, draft picks and even a little dough isn’t a bad deal after all.

Bringing ‘Melo to the Windy City would complete the Bulls resurgence renaissance.