Poetry slam, play premiere and ghosts among DeKalb’s top entertainment this semester

By Chris Krapek

Even if your CD collection is filled with NOW! That’s What I Call Music albums and local music really isn’t your thing, DeKalb still has plenty to entertain you with during the Winter.

This semester, you can hear poetry, look at art, catch a play and meet ghosts. Here are five things you should be looking forward to (and taking advantage of) in the next few months.

What: Uncomfortable Laughter – Notching The Bible Belt Tour

When: Friday, Jan. 21

Where: The House Café, 263 E. Lincoln Highway

How much: TBA

Why: If you thought spoken word poetry slams went out with denim in 1994, you’re sadly mistaken. Uncomfortable Laughter is a touring group that consists of four nationally renowned and award-winning poets. According to their Tumblr, members of the group have performed with “ghosts, crickets and talisman.” A show like this doesn’t come to DeKalb that often and it will certainly be better than the poems you used to write on your Xanga.

What: NIU Art Museum Exhibits

When: Tuesday, Jan. 25 – March 11

Where: Altgeld Hall

How much: FREE

Why: Pardon the cliché, but the Art Museum is one of the best kept secrets on campus. The exhibits are always top-notch and it’s free. First up this semester is “Best Face Forward: The Presented View,” which explores the relationship between photographer, subject and audience and features work from Andy Warhol. “in/Visible” looks at “place as both a physical presence and an evocative mood,” and “Frances Whitehead: Documents, Proposals, Installations” features the conceptual work of Chicago artist Francis Whitehead, an NIU alumna.

What: Seeking Flight

When: Friday, Jan. 28 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 30 at 2 p.m.

Where: The Stagecoach Theater, 126 S. 6th St.

How much: $8

Why: When was the last time DeKalb had a world premiere? When Chingy dropped a new song here in ‘06? Regardless, a play that has never, ever been performed is coming to town. “Seeking Flight” is a play from Champaign native Joan Broadman that won a scriptwriting contest last year. Be a part of history and see this show; the first Black Box production from the Stagecoach Players.

What: Moby Dick Rehearsed

When: Thursday, Feb. 24 at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Stevens Building

How much: $8-15

Why: When Orson Welles wasn’t making films or drinking high balls, he was writing and directing plays. “Moby Dick Rehearsed” is his play from 1955 that follows a troupe of actors set to perform Shakespeare’s “King Lear.” But plans change, and soon they are rehearsing an adaptation of the Herman Meville book about a whale, improvising set pieces and props. David Booth, the director of marketing for the School of Theater and Dance, will direct.

What: Egyptian Theatre Haunted Tour

When: Sunday, March 5 from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Where: The Egyptian Theater, 135 N. Second St.

How much: $42

Why: My mind was blown last Fall at Middlewest Fest when I saw the documentary “I Hunt Ghosts.” The student-made film features a few scenes of ghost hunters inside the Egyptian Theater. Weird stuff happens. Voices are picked up. Phantom parking tickets are predicted and given out. If you can stomach it, get in on this four-hour exploration of the 80-year-old haunted theater.