Parking Services makes bank

By Leah Spagnoli

Two million dollars.

That’s how much money Parking Services brought in for 2010. If you break that number down to days, they made $5,479.50 a day.

“Parking Services does not receive money from the university or from the state of Illinois,” said Kristin Mommsen, director of Parking Services. “Therefore, the funds to pay for parking lot maintenance, snow removal, parking lot repairs, resurfacing, painting, striping, equipment and office operational costs must come solely from revenue received at Parking Services.”

Parking services currently has 19 employees and all salaries are paid by the university.

According to working papers for the 2010 Fiscal Year, the 16 employees of parking services had combined salaries of $421,992.

There are 30 different types of parking tickets given by NIU’s Parking Services.

Tickets such as “No Parking Zone,” “Overtime Meter,” “Improper Display of Permit” or “No NIU Registration” are some of the different types of parking violations that the six different parking enforcement agents give daily.

Mommsen said each day the number of parking tickets written varies widely. In April 2010 there was an average of 211 tickets written per day, while in October, there was an average of 207 tickets written per day.

The prices of these tickets and the prices of parking permits can change yearly.

“Permit and ticket prices are determined by the Campus Parking Committee and are submitted by the committee to the executive vice president and president for approval,” Mommsen said. “As of now, pricing decisions have not been made for next year.”

David Fairchild, sophomore mechanical engineering major, said he thinks that Parking Services should do more with their revenue.

“Parking Services should put money toward shelters for the homeless, orphans and widows,” Fairchild said.