Stupidity claim about Palin is bogus

By Letter Writer

What a shocking surprise that Taurean Small doesn’t like Sarah Palin. Let me take a wild guess and assume that he is an Obama fan, too.

Small pointed out Palin’s gaffe regarding “our North Korean ally,” then she corrected herself. Obama, however, has referred to our 57 states. Yes, 57. He also pronounced “corpsmen” “corpse-men” twice in one speech.

Small follows the left’s latest strategy of associating Sarah Palin with stupidity. It’s a contrived, selectively-used tactic without any merit.

In reality, Small and people like him hate Palin’s pro-American, pro-life and pro-free enterprise stances.

He claims that anyone who starred in a reality show should be banned from running for President.

But how much worse is being endorsed by Communist and terrorist organizations, being political allies with domestic terrorists and Charles Manson fans and attending an anti-American “church” for 20 years? Shouldn’t that be as much of a disqualifier as being in a reality show?

Obama’s horrible economic policies are adding trillions to our national debt, driving savings killing inflation and violating our Constitution.

Palin’s free market approach has always worked better than Obama’s totalitarian model. That’s the real reason leftists like Small object to Palin.

The stupidity claim is nothing more than a bogus effort to distract from the real reasons leftists don’t like Palin.

Ted McCarron

NIU Class of ’97

DeKalb resident