Legend Haz It could be legend in their own right


DeKalb Hip Hop band Legend Haz It. The group’s debut album is now available on iTunes.

By Chris Krapek

The past two years have been good to DeKalb band Legend Haz It.

The sextet, fronted by MC Keith “Legend Mane” Winford, has gone from playing house parties in town to venues in Chicago. Last year, the group won a contest and opened-up for T-Pain and Yung Joc at the Convocation Center. If that wasn’t enough, a documentary was made about Winford and the band, which premiered at this year’s Middlewest Fest.

The momentum is building for Legend — seriously, the band has almost have a thousand fans on Facebook — yes, things are going well.

On its self-titled debut album, the band only reaffirms its already established level of success.

Legend Haz It is unlike any band in DeKalb — and maybe unlike any band, period. When’s the last time you heard a dude name-drop Miley Cyrus successfully over a blaring trumpet?

The five-track album puts the skilled lyricist Winford in the forefront while he’s complemented by the band’s sometimes-understated cool jazz. It sounds a little like A Tribe Called Quest, except the samples are traded in for incredible, live brass and keyboards.

The album begins with “Introducing…Legend Haz It,” a song which starts off with Winford chanting “LEGEND” over a piano. The man is a gifted wordsmith, and an intelligent one at that. With lines like “I refuse to use the word ‘finna like you ‘finna do” and “You’re Powerpuff, so get off my MojoJojo,” he proves he can be humorous and contemporary while still being insightful.

On all of the songs, especially “B.U.,” there’s underlying themes of self-empowerment. There are positive messages here without sounding like a self-help book. “Why follow somebody who hasn’t even found themselves yet?” Winford asks with conviction.

I’ve already got all of the hooks burned in my brain. I can’t stop humming “I’m just trying to get my money right,” the recurring line in “Catch My Dreams.”

Legend Haz It is a genre-spanning band that could potentially please even the most fickle elitist — there’s too much to like. Being this is their debut and the first five songs we’ve ever heard from them, it’s undeniable that they have yet to reach their creative peak.

Give it two more years, who knows, maybe T-Pain will be opening for Legend Haz It.


Album review:  4/5


Legend Haz It’s debut album is now available on iTunes.


Five influential albums, with drummer Dan Pratt


1. “Space Jam” soundtrack

The “Space Jam” soundtrack is, for several of us, a representation of the artists and music that we remember listening to as kids — the music that first inspired us.

2. Kanye West- “The College Dropout”

This album changed Keith Winford’s life.

3. The RH Factor- “Hardgroove”

This album exemplifies our musical aspirations. The incredible musicians on this album are performers that we strive to emulate.

4. D’Angelo- “Voodoo”

It’s safe to say that this features the best hip-hop/r&b rhythm section of all time. We love these cats.

5. Led Zeppelin- “IV”

Led Zeppelin has been a huge personal influence. I think [Legend Haz It members] Tim Ipsen and Collin Clauson would agree. I must admit, were it not for this album, I would not be the musician that I am today, and Legend Haz It would certainly not exist.