Palin is the bane of my existence; she must be stopped

By Taurean Small

If you asked me what’s the most irritating name I have ever heard, without hesitation I would shout the name Sarah Palin.

I must admit, however, her personality is enticing, but where is her substance? Her philosophy on life seems to be based on a children’s book. Honestly, have you ever met someone who puts a dog fence around their staircase just to stop their children’s significant others from going up to their rooms?

And politically, she’s incompetent. The general rule is if you do not know the answer to a question, you do not answer it. Does Palin follow this rule? No. Instead she completely dodges the subject while restating her coached talking points. It is scary just imagining where America would be if John McCain would have won the 2008 election.

Now she is considering running for president in 2012. That is, after she’s done starring in own reality show on TLC. Hmm, a reality show about a dysfunctional mother, an unimportant father and unmanageable children, where have I seen that before?

Based on her knowledge of politics, Kate Gosselin would be a more qualified presidential candidate than her. Of course, Gosselin’s position on foreign policy would not be as sound as Palin’s; we must stand by our “North Korean allies,” after all.

All jokes aside, it is amazing to me just how much of a “threat” the media has painted Palin to be in the approaching elections. Recent headlines in the news asked, “Could Palin beat [President Barack] Obama?” I think the real question here is, “Why would anyone vote for Palin?”

This sentiment was expressed by Obama. In his interview last Tuesday with Barbara Walters, Obama voiced his lack of concern for Palin politically. When asked if he thinks he could beat Palin in 2012, Obama answered, “I don’t think about Sarah Palin.” We should all be so smart to follow his example.

I must admit, I am not the most learned student on politics, nor do I claim to be. Therefore, if you are looking for a deep and analytical dissection of politics today, I would offer you more or less the same information people like Palin spew at you when election time comes around (although I would probably give it to you more eloquently).

I am, however, well versed in common sense. That is why based on the obvious, Palin cannot run this country. I say the Constitution should be amended to bar any person who stars in a reality show from running for president.