Brian Posehn delivers with usual brand of comedy

Brian Posehn entertains Otto’s Nightclub, 118 E. Lincoln Highway, on Friday night.

By Connor Rice

Metal, marijuana and masturbation.

When comedian Brian Posehn promised the crowd that is was “about to get stupid in here” before he began his set Friday night at Otto’s Nightclub, he was ready to make good on it.

Posehn, who has maintained a cult following through his stand-up comedy material and bit roles in countless films, had the audience rolling with laughter as he touched on everything from his love of Star Wars to his bizarre methods of home security.

Otto’s, 118 E. Lincoln Highway, known mainly for hosting musical acts, set up tables and chairs to give the venue more of a “comedy club” atmosphere. As patrons settled in and began drinking, opener Dan Telfer hit the stage to set the “nerd tone” for the evening.

Telfer, who hails from Chicago, warmed up the audience with jokes about Dungeons and Dragons, outer space and terrible zombie movies. Dressed in a manner not unlike a ‘70s high school teacher, he argued with the audience over the best breed of dinosaur, citing facts in such a way that made the show feel more like a science class gone awry (in the best way possible, of course).

But as his set ended, and he introduced the man of the evening, it felt as if the teacher had given up control, yielding to the slacker seating in the back of the classroom. Posehn, dressed in a flannel shirt and a “That Metal Show” tee, wasted no time in getting down to bits from his album “Fart and Wiener Jokes,” which was released last year. While much of the evening’s material was older, Posehn was still able to add spice to them, keeping things fresh for his fans and outright hilarious for everyone else.

Posehn used his awkward and unusual appearance to his advantage, often talking about how looking like he’s “made of farts” prevents him from telling parents how cute he finds their children and from digging at night. He prefers instead to stay inside, smoking large amounts pot, playing Xbox Live and crying while he pleasures himself. His love for these activities apparently knows no bounds, going so far as to tell the crowd that he didn’t even stop masturbating as his baby cried on the other side of the house (don’t worry… his mother was visiting at the time).

Despite these somewhat “deviant” characteristics, Posehn is a comic to be applauded. His ability to take things that any stoner could talk about and keep them relentlessly funny over the course of an evening is a skill that is keeping him at a comfortable level of success.

At the end of the day, all he’s doing is talking about his penis. But his ability to keep things exciting has made it one of the funniest penises in America.