The Rant: LeBron James is in a class of his own


Miami Heat forward LeBron James argues after he was called for fouling Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo during the second half of an NBA basketball game Thursday in Miami. The Celtics defeated the Heat 112-107.

By Chris Dertz

Finally, Time Magazine has gotten something right.

With the publication revealing that LeBron James is on its list of finalists for “Person of the Year,” the magazine has gained instant credibility, and should be viewed as truly ground-breaking in its vision. But is anybody surprised?

It’s clear that nobody deserves this award like James. People like to talk about how he’s doomed Cleveland to years of economic turmoil, but that’s really overblown. Those people live in Cleveland, they should have known it was coming.

Some of the others on the list include Lady Gaga, Barack Obama and the Chilean miners. But let’s be honest, the Chilean miners winning a Person of the Year award, is like an underground punk band winning a Grammy.

James is your winner, and it should be obvious to every person, ever.