‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ has high demand in DeKalb

By Aurora Schnorr

DeKALB | Friday night was a special night for 15-year-old Jadea Foster; it was her first time going to see “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

NIU student Jazmyn Foster took her little sister to see the risqué production that continues to draw audiences, despite its age.

Though DeKalb might not have Tim Curry, the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St., has the next best thing: A Powerful and Irrational Mouthwash, a group bonded together by a love of Rocky Horror– and lingerie.

The 1975 movie, starring Curry as a “sweet transvestite from Transylvania,” is one of those movies that is just so bad that it’s good.

“It’s a bad movie, and we get to come here to make fun of it,” said Melissa Galle, a Rocky Horror veteran and visual communications major. Galle and those like her have flooded to theaters for the last 35 years to participate in the cult classic showings.

“We’re keeping the tradition alive,” said Sarah Lutsinger, a friend of Galle’s.

Fidel Reardon, the director of the troupe and Friday’s “Eddie,” said that after two showings in DeKalb he saw a demand for more. Friday marked A Powerful and Irrational Mouthwash’s sixth performance at the Egyptian.

“The experience can definitely be intimidating,” said sophomore Katy Dickey, or “Columbia.” “But no one’s going to force you to do anything that you don’t want to do, but it’s more fun if you do.”

Part of the fun of Rocky Horror is stepping outside of the “norm” and pushing the limits.

“The movie pushes levels, and as college students we like to push levels,” Jasmyn Foster said.

If you are interested in experiencing Rocky Horror here in DeKalb, you won’t have to wait too terribly long. The next performance is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 4. The show does contain mature content, but allows everyone to join in on the fun.

“All ages, all people, everybody’s welcome,” Reardon said. “Wear whatever you want.”

For more info, visit A Powerful and Irrational Mouthwash’s website at apimw.blogspot.com.