The Rant: Silly Mike Shanahan

By Korey Peterson

Rex Grossman still has it.

The sports world was waiting to see if he still had it, and now they can rest easily after seeing him do what he does best on Sunday. What he still has, of course, is the ability to lose a game for his team, fashionably.

With the game still on the line, Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan decided that it was best to take Donovan McNabb, the captain of the team and quarterback that the Redskins traded for in the offseason, out of the game in favor of “Train Rex.”

This was the most boneheaded coaching move of the 2010 NFL season. No, McNabb wasn’t injured. Yet, Shanahan thought his backup quarterback could run the two-minute drill better than the veteran McNabb, a starter every year he has been in the league.

Sure, McNabb performed less than stellar.

But as history would have taught Shanahan, the only thing Grossman knows how to do in the clutch is fumble the ball and lose the game. Bears’ fans are glad to see he still has it.