Sigma Kappa sorority holds a candlelight vigil for fellow sister


A candlelight vigil held for Andrea Will on Tuesday night at the Sigma Kappa’s Delta Zeta chapter at NIU. Led by Chapter President Angela Sheppard.

By Alex Fiore

The Sigma Kappa sorority held a candlelight vigil Tuesday night in honor of former Eastern Illinois University Sigma Kappa sister Andrea Will, who was murdered in 1998.

“We thought this was a small way to contribute,” said Angela Sheppard, Sigma Kappa president and senior elementary education major.

Will was murdered by her ex-boyfriend Justin Boulay in 1998, who was released Tuesday after only serving 12 years of a 24-year sentence.

Sheppard began by reading a letter sent by Will’s sorority sister Ashley Hudson Johnson.

“I will never be able to erase the memory of her from my life,” Sheppard read aloud.

After the letter, the audience of between 40 and 50 people observed a moment of silence in Will’s honor.

Sheppard then read a poem by another of Will’s former sisters titled “Remember Me.” The poem provided a portrayal of Will’s life, and ended by asking future sisters to observe “the strength and bond of Sigma Kappa.”

After the poem, Sheppard allowed the crowd to part, but many students stayed around to talk about Will.

“We heard the news about a fellow sister and wanted to pay our respects,” said Sabrina Alicea, senior elementary education major and Sigma Kappa member.

Sheppard said she was contacted about a week ago by Will’s family, asking the NIU Sigma Kappas to hold a vigil. Thirty other Sigma Kappa sororities around the nation also held a vigil, she said.

Boulay was released for good behavior, got married in prison and was planning to join his wife in Hawaii after his release.

“He hasn’t paid his price,” Sheppard said.

“I don’t want anyone with those tendencies near civilization,” Alicea said.

Although students were upset, Johnson’s letter told students “don’t express outrage” about Boulay’s release, but instead to celebrate Will’s life.

Attendees sent along their well-wishes to Will’s family.

“I hope that we can ease their pain,” Shepard said.

“I give my biggest sympathies and feel their loss as well,” Alicea said.