Do us a favor and stop hating your school, and get involved

By Editorial Board

There’s a problem on this campus that stinks to high heaven, and that problem is one of self-loathing.

NIU is facing image problems stemming from the recent events revolving around the Antinette Keller homicide investigation, crimes close to campus and the 2/14 shootings.

The negative attitude from students does nothing to help the campus project a positive message. The job of the students is to help put forth the sort of positive message NIU needs.

This cancerous problem is prevalent throughout the student body on this campus. We have noticed firsthand students stating their “supposed” dislike for NIU and their desire to get out of NIU as soon as possible. The thing that is interesting is that a majority of the time, these students have no solid basis on why they spew such venomous statements concerning the university.

Though, if a reason is given, it usually revolves around something that is of redundant disdain on most campuses. Things like: parking services ticketing them, having a hold up with the financial aid office or something else that is rather trivial in hindsight.

The danger, though, is that although much of this self-loathing type of attitude has no basis, it still spreads easily. When things aren’t going right for a student, hearing complaints about the institution seems easier to reiterate as a target for anger. The overall problem that is ultimately created is a disconnect between NIU and the student body it attempts to satisfy and retain.

We think the bulk of this disconnect problem lies with the individual student. When all a student does is go to class for a few hours a day, then distances themselves from the campus the rest of day, why should they truly care about NIU? The answer is simple, and has to simply do with becoming involved on campus in some type of fashion.

Instead of letting class be your only connection to this school, find something outside of class that is of interest. Whether that be a fraternity or a sorority, a club or other type of organization, something needs to be found. As we have seen students who don’t become involved have negative attitudes towards this school many times, we have also seen that students who are involved are the ones who tend to care more for NIU.

We also recognize that this correlation does not apply to all students, but still is a correlation that is more widespread than we would like. People on campus should take the time and really see what interests them, and then find something on campus that matches those interests. For those students who don’t find the club or organization that suits them, band together with those who share the same sentiments and start something on your own.

Whatever you choose, just make sure you do something, something other than verbally trash the university that so many others are happy to be at.