RANT: TCU bucks Broncos

By Chris Dertz

Boise State has just pooped its proverbial brick.

The Broncos are headed to a conference where no good teams will remain, when Boise State moves to the Mountain West Conference.

Only problem is that TCU, Utah and BYU, or the best teams in the conference, are all leaving.

The TCU Horned Frogs are hop-hop-hopping over to the Big East in 2012, while Utah will be heading to the newly-renamed Pac-12. Every reason that Boise State moved to the Mountain West is gone.

Now, one of the best programs in college football will get to wallow in ineptitude while its rival mid-major programs get their shots at a national championship.

Chalk it up as another win for the state of Idaho, potatoes and the Mountain West Conference.