DeKalb offers wide coffee selection

By Allyson Martin

Coffee shops around DeKalb vary in their atmospheres, types of coffee and the amount of events going on in them.

The Coffee Corner on campus serves Starbucks coffee at the Holmes Student Center.

There is no seating set aside specifically for the coffee shop patrons, and they do not offer any events at the shop.

“Our prices are fair, and we’re all student workers,” said Meagan Richards, manager of the Coffee Corner and senior nursing major.

In addition to coffee, the Coffee Corner serves whole leaf tea as well as a selection of pre-packaged muffins.

In DeKalb, there are several Starbucks locations. Two free-standing locations are at 1015 W. Lincoln Highway and at 2700 Crego Road. There are also Starbucks in Target and Barnes and Noble, both located in same strip mall at 2577 Sycamore Road.

An additional location close to Barnes and Nobles, is Borders, 2520 Sycamore Road.

“We came [to the Starbucks] in Barnes and Nobel mostly for the books,” said Sadie Morris, Seattle resident visiting a friend in DeKalb.

Convenience can be a deciding factor in those who choose to buy from a Starbucks.

“Their coffee is just average, I just wanted a cup of coffee,” said Noah Lappin, sophomore nursing major.

Another coffee shop in DeKalb is Caribou Coffee, 2385 Sycamore Road. Caribou offers coffee, tea and a variety of snacks.

Coming to Caribou is a way to get away from the craziness of the dorms, said Kelsey Sondgeroth, sophomore psychology major.

Caribou Coffee has a more familiar home feeling for some of its patrons.

“[Caribou Coffee] has a homey feeling so I’m used to the place,” said NIU graduate Peter Gowen.

The House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, offers a unique atmosphere for its patrons.

“We’re not like corporate places, you come in and want to stay,” said Dave Weinberg, a barista at the House Cafe,263 E. Lincoln Highway.

The House Cafe offers a menu of baked goods to black bean veggie burgers and it is a common place for local bands to play.

“We mostly have bands, but poetry readers and comedy acts are welcome,” Weinberg said.

Some events at The House Cafe have a door charge because the cafe sometimes has to pay its sponsors, Weinberg said.