Bowl your heart out, NIU

By Leah Spagnoli

DeKALB | If your course load seems too heavy next semester, consider taking a bowling class in the Huskie Den.

Huskie Den Manager Chris Riddle teaches a total of 14 classes per semester of both Bowling I and II.

“Our goal as Bowling I, being a KNPE class, is trying to get a recreational aspect,” Riddle said. “Bowling is both a sport and recreational activity.”

Both classes, though on different levels of skill, are broken up into three different categories. The first few weeks are lecture based, then moving onto the basic skills and approach. Finally, the class breaks up into 12 teams of three people competing in a round robin tournament throughout the remainder of the semester.

“Teaching students how to compete in bowling while building relationships with their teammates and classmates,” Riddle said.

All types of students take this class, ranging from athletes to people that just want to have fun and learn new things about the game.

“I’m looking to get the proper etiquette in bowling,” said Shana Hedden, senior public health major. “So many people just throw the ball just to throw it. I really love the sport too, I’ve been playing with my family for years.”

Next semester, there are 14 different sections of both Bowling I and II. They are offered mainly as 50-minute Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes at several different times during the day.

“We’re getting to teach about 1,000 kids per semester,” Riddle said. “We used to only have eight sections between both classes; it’s a big step up.”

Each section of bowling can be taken twice. Bowling I is worth one credit while Bowling II is worth two credits.

“I heard about the class through the Greek system,” said Jesse Filadelfia, junior business administration major. “My girlfriend always beats me when we bowl, so I need to gain more skill. I also want to learn to throw a mean curve.”

If you’re interested in getting involved with the class, search KNPE 117 on myNIU for Bowling I or KNPE 118 for Bowling II.

“I would be interested, but it would have to fit into my schedule,” said freshman undecided major Ramiro Calixto. “It sounds like an easy credit though.”