Bikers receive new place to ride

Amy Kreeger

Cyclists on campus may soon have a place to call their own.

At their Oct. 21 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved bond sales of $112 million to fund construction projects around campus. Parking and road improvements are listed as projects that will be financed by the bonds, and the construction of bike paths are included in this category.

It is too early to say what the exact cost will be, said Paula Lofgren, assistant of the associate vice president of Budgeting and Finance.

“These are very general plans,” Lofgren said. “The farther we go along, the more we’ll know.”

The prospective date for the construction of the paths to begin is near the beginning of 2012. Lofgren said they are doing a study on where students travel most, to and from class, as well as getting feedback from students and other groups in order to determine where to put the paths.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Christina Sekula, junior elementary education major said. “It would help bikers out so they don’t have to ride behind groups of people.”

Meagan Rozner, junior early childhood major, said she likes the idea of a bike path. Rozner said she witnessed a bike accident when she was walking back from the Hot Spot in the Village Commons parking lot. Rozner said she saw a girl on the ground with a biker right next to her.

“When I heard screeching, I didn’t realize it was a bike,” Rozner said. “It’s unbelievable. People just don’t pay attention.”

Yvonne Utomi, junior pre-nursing major, said she regularly rides her bike to class, and the paths would help her get around campus better.

“It’s hard getting around a big group of people, like by Faraday,” Utomi said.

Not all students agree with putting in bike paths. Ryan Ziegelbauer, senior history major, said bikers and walkers should use common sense when around each other.

“There’s plenty of room and we’re already struggling financially,” Ziegelbauer said.