Keep the holidays healthy

‘Tis the season for mountainous meals of fattening foods and deadly desserts. In a nation full of people obsessed about fitness, weight and appearance, this can be a dangerous time of year.

The stress of making sure you fit into that slinky dress or suit that shows your body off with just the right fit for New Year’s Eve may cause some people to try anything to lose those last pesky pounds. But be careful!

This is especially true for those of you who don’t regularly work out during the rest of the year.

Researchers have found that people who are out of shape and overdo it can be in for some trouble.

Doctors at Deaconess Hospital in Boston have found that people who exercise less than once a week increase their heart attack risk 107 times when they suddenly throw themselves into a strenuous workout plan. People who work out one or two times a week increase their heart attack risk only 19 times.

So don’t overdo it over this winter break. Eat, drink and be merry!

You can always buy a bigger size.