Giannoulias for U.S. Senate


U.S Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias.

By Editorial Board

The Northern Star Editorial Board has decided to endorse Alexi Giannoulias for U.S. Senate.

This decision comes at an important time in American history, as the country struggles to climb out of a deep economic depression and overcome fierce bipartisanship on Capitol Hill.

Serious questions remain about Giannoulias and his opponent Mark Kirk.

The level of involvement Giannoulias had with his family’s Broadway Bank, who have been accused of giving controversial loans to criminal figures, remains unclear. It is a topic that the Democrat has repeatedly refused to explain.

On the other hand, Kirk, a Republican, has been caught in a lie for embellishing his military career.

At this point, the credibility of both men can be fairly criticized. Today, however, the Northern Star believes that Illinois voters should send Giannoulias to Washington D.C. to take over the Senate seat that Roland Burris will soon vacate.

Giannoulias, who is currently Illinois’ treasurer, brings a young, progressive view to a Democrat-controlled Congress which has largely failed to deliver on its 2008 campaign promises.

The biggest issue on many American’s minds is the economy and Giannoulias brings a proposal to increase tax cuts to small businesses and lower-class families – a much needed plan as Illinois’ unemployment rates continue to be high.

The Democratic Senate hopeful also pledges to reform No Child Left Behind, a serviceable program that is broken and under-funded in many areas. The quality of education continues to worsen and the overhaul of No Child Left Behind must be a top priority for Congress.

Additionally, while Senate Republicans continue to almost unanimously reject Democratic plans for health care reform, equal marriage rights and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, they are yet to present any alternative ideas.

Giannoulias stands by these ideas, and for that the Northern Star believes he is Illinois’s best choice for U.S. Senator.