Misusing your body is abusing your privelege to be a human being

By Letter to the editor

Big thumbs up to Logan Short. The sleeveless shirt policy at the Rec was the last, tiny motivator for me to stop going there and get a gym membership in town. I used to go to the Rec four mornings out of the five days I am on campus; I didn’t really like the condition of some of the machinery, but I figured it was “free” and close to campus. I saw the sign at the door about the new rule and I asked about it; I was told that it really applied to guys (I’m female) and then really only the ones who have hairy armpits and let their sweat drip all over; she implied it was a health hazard. I thought the reason was kind of bogus but I didn’t say anything. I just decided to go somewhere else. I also want Logan to know I completely agree with “jealousy” being a great motivator. I don’t know how some of the cows on campus can stand looking at themselves in the mirror. Women naturally have such gorgeous bodies – to relinquish your female form is like giving up one part of your claim to being a woman. That said, in my perspective, misuse of one’s body (male or female) is an abuse of the privilege of being human.


JoAnn LoSavio


Anthropology and history major