5 albums with Hasta Lumbago


In this Oct. 11, 2010 file photo, Guitarist Hayden Halgren and drummer Mike Finnigan trash gear as bassist Eric Jorgenson looks on at the end of a show at The House Café.

By Tony Martin

Hasta Lumbago is one of DeKalb’s most unique acts. A blend of ‘80s hardcore punk, ‘60s surf rock and funk that spans decades, DeKalb residents Mike Finnigan, Hayden Hallgren and Eric “Shirley” Jorgenson are one of DeKalb’s finest power trios.

The Northern Star caught up with all three members of Hasta Lumbago and they talked about their five favorite records.

Kyuss- Welcome to Sky Valley: Heavy anthemic riffs, trance-like instrumental passages and intense dynamic shifts helped lay the groundwork for a lot of our own sound.

Fugazi- Red Medicine: It’s difficult to pick out a Fugazi album that we take after the most, given their outstanding repertoire, but Red Medicine captures the band in full stride.

The Who- Live at Leeds: Essentially a “how to” for any live rock act, it highlights the group’s chemistry, and their ability to move and shake with unbridled power.

James Brown- The Payback: We chose “The Payback” because in addition to his heavy rhythm oriented grooves, James Brown is a very inspirational live performer. The high energy level he displays when making music sets an example that all bands should follow and shows what really makes a noteworthy entertainer.

The Minutemen- Double Nickels on the Dime: The ability of the Minutemen to progress in their own way is an inspiration for us as a band, and we share their drive to produce original sounding music. Rather than being given a generic label like a “punk” or “metal” band, we make our own style with the hope of being viewed simply as Hasta Lumbago.