The buck stops here, Chuck

Here’s a no-brainer.

Guns and Roses’ new album, The Spaghetti Incident?—don’t buy it.

Besides the fact that Axl Rose is a morally bankrupt loser who couldn’t carry a tune with a forklift, proceeds from the L.A. band’s new album will go to one of America’s favorite mass murderers—Charles Manson.

As a matter of fact, one of the tracks on the new LP was written by Mr. Helter Skelter himself. Before Manson ventured into his illustrious career as vermin-personified, he apparently was a songwriter.

Rose is a big fan of Mansonesque folk music. One of his prized possessions is a 30-year old collection of Charlie’s no-hit wonders called Lie.

“Look at Your Game, Girl,” is the Manson cover in question contained on the new Guns and Roses’ album. Manson wrote the song about 30 years ago.

Since the song was written before Manson’s mass murdering days, he is entitled to proceeds from the G‘n’R album, and he will be receiving them in prison.

For every one million copies of The Spaghetti Incident? sold, Manson will get $60,000. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

You might even want to steer clear of purchasing any albums under the label that would pay royalties to one of the foulest human beings in U.S. history—Geffen records would be that culprit.

Christmas is just around the corner, and since the Grinch probably won’t steal it someone should make sure Manson’s is a cold and lonely one. The same goes for Rose and the dimwits at Geffen. Buy someone else’s albums for gifts this year.

Rose is a well-established idiot who pops up in the media time and time again. This is a good opportunity for the public to steal a little thunder from both Rose and Charlie.

Smart, responsible consumers can do a heck of a lot more damage in a capitalistic society than any warning label or censorship efforts will ever do. If there’s no demand, there is no supply.

We can all do without The Spaghetti Incident? this Christmas and probably for many Christmases beyond.