Not very recent

I am writing in response to the Paul Robinson editorial on Nov. 23, 1993. This has to be one of the dumbest brought up, AGAIN! The editorial states “…in one recent incident.” For the readers’ information this incident happened about eight months ago. Recent incident, I hardly think so!

Paul was given a warning for his misconduct the first time. He chose to ignore this warning and take the Freedom Mobile again, thus leading to his suspension for a week. Paul was given the chance to meet with Mass Transit Board, and Services for Students with Disabilities, and on three different occasions Paul refused to meet with these people.

I’m sure Paul knows that he may use the assistance of Services for Students with Disabilities to obtain a sighted guide, so his travels will be safe. But he did not choose these services. Instead he had to do things his way.

As for Paul being a “self-assured” person, I do not believe this statement at all!

Anytime someone with a disability ventures outside it could be considered a “death march”. Let’s not use the weather as an excuse to break the rules, especially when you know it is wrong.

Paul lost a lawsuit against the school. If he is a “gentleman” then you would think that this matter could rest in peace.

Terry Bowers