Tub Ring to circle up at Otto’s

By Troy Doetch

If Tub Ring sounds like the name of a high school punk band from the nineties, that’s because 17 years ago, it was.

Since then, founding members Kevin Gibson (vocals) and Trevor Erb (bass) added Rob Kleiner (keyboards) to the mix and created a musical project that barely resembles its original sound. In its long history, the band has played with such names as Mindless Self Indulgence and Foxy Shazam.

Tonight, Tub Ring will be appearing at Otto’s Nightclub, 118 E. Lincoln Hwy. at 8 p.m., and DeKalb Scene got a chance to talk to Kleiner about robots, tasers and “Secret Handshakes,” the band’s 6th studio album that dropped Tuesday.

Northern Star: How does your new album compare to your last album, “The Great Filter“?

Rob Kleiner: This one is much better. We’ve spent a fortune going to studios over the years, and over the last five years I’ve struck up my own studio, and we built from the ground up. I did most of the new record at my studio. Its way better, and I think the songs are a lot more catchy too.

NS: A lot of your lyrics have to do with numbers, science, robots and electricity. Did this come out with the addition of the keyboard?

RK: Yeah, I think the keyboard represents some of that sonically, but mostly it stems from Kevin’s fascination with sci-fi stuff and physics. He went to college for physics for a bit.

NS: I heard about an incident about your live performances involving tasers. Is there any truth to that?

RK: Yeah, when we were on tour with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum we all grew mustaches and brought tasers along and would tase each other during the performances.

NS: Should we be expecting any surprises like that at Otto’s on Thursday?

RK: Hopefully. Maybe we’ll have to step it up and we’ll get like… I don’t know what’s a step up from tasers is… rubber bullets and shooting them at each other.