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Holiday Shopping Showdown

By Troy Doetch & Cody Laplante | December 9, 2012

When, in our last Perspective meeting of the fall semester, fellow columnist Cody Laplante pitched his column idea—that an inexpensive, thoughtful Christmas gift is always better than a thoughtless, yet expensive one—I was overwhelmed with the intensity...

Being pretentious has its benefits

By Troy Doetch | December 4, 2012

On the third floor of Reavis Hall, twenty-something 20-somethings had read a fictional story I wrote, in a particularly good week this semester, when a burst of optimistic energy overpowered my perpetual introverted cringe. The students of Writing Fiction...

Pass/fail: Pizza Hut and Angus T. Jones

By Troy Doetch | November 27, 2012

PASS In a recent Pizza Hut commercial, two enormous, buttery “cheesy bites” are hurled into a gargantuan bowl of marinara sauce to an epic, slowmo splash. Suddenly, two mirrored pepperoni pizzas (with finger-like “cheesy bites” instead of crust)...

Giffing is all the rage

By Troy Doetch | November 25, 2012

Reflecting on Oxford Dictionaries USA’s “Word of the Year,” Katherine Connor Martin, a lexicographer on the judging panel, said the goal of the project has been to choose a word that “embodies in some way the ethos of the year.” With this objective...

InFocus: Thanksgiving

By Cody Laplante, Troy Doetch, and Leah Spagnoli | November 19, 2012

All the food at Thanksgiving is simply amazing. More importantly, after a semester of dorm food, Thanksgiving means a fresh, home-cooked meal. But every year there is one thing that stands out in my mind and stomach. I just love a well-done turkey. Last...

Pass/Fail: Driving erratically and dropping possums

By Troy Doetch | November 14, 2012

PASS Woman celebritized for driving erratically Usually, when people drive like jerks, their punishment is being flipped the bird by a passersby. Or worse, a mustachioed police officer gives them a stern finger wagging and a fine. But for one Cleveland...

President Obama is the safe, compassionate choice

By Troy Doetch | November 5, 2012

I’m voting for Barack Obama because our economy is improving, gaining an average of 170,000 jobs per month, according to an October Washington Post article. I see no reason to gamble this on former governor Mitt Romney’s mysterious tax plan: a plan...

InFocus: What do you want out of Halloween?

By Troy Doetch, Anthony Szudarski, Holly New, and Kayla Nebel | October 30, 2012

Troy Doetch Columnist Every Halloween, I want my costume to be impressive. Something topical, like Mitt Romney with a binder full of Barbies? Something obscure, like Michael Chabon’s superhero the Escapist, with the golden key insignia? Or something...

iPad mini not worth the buzz

By Troy Doetch | October 28, 2012

Please do me a solid and stop talking about greatness of the iPad mini, which almost sold out in preorder this weekend. It’s sick. And not in a good way, like, “Shoot, bro, your slacklining skills are sick.” No, the iPad mini and its buzz is making...

Point/Counterpoint: Voter identification laws

By Holly New & Troy Doetch | October 24, 2012

Holly New The potential for voter fraud is outstanding. A study from the Pew Center for the States, published February 2012, found that “approximately 24 million—one of every eight— voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or...

Pizza toppings are not a proper topic

By Troy Doetch | October 16, 2012

Some people hate the Democratic Party, others, the Republican. However, in a bipartisan agreement reminiscent of the Kony 2012 elephantine/asinine Venn diagram, everyone and their bubbe loathes the Pizza Party. Not me. In an attempt to be topical and/or...

What does Homecoming mean to you?

By Northern Star Staff | October 11, 2012

Troy Doetch Columnist I’ve never directly participated in Homecoming. I’ve never watched the game, except inattentively on a television in my peripheral. I’ve never voted for one of the unfamiliar faces in the Homecoming Court. I’ve never rep’d...