InFocus: What do you want out of Halloween?

Troy Doetch


Every Halloween, I want my costume to be impressive.

Something topical, like Mitt Romney with a binder full of Barbies? Something obscure, like Michael Chabon’s superhero the Escapist, with the golden key insignia?

Or something nostalgic, like Little Nemo, with a scepter to wave while shouting, “Jazama Pajama”?

Or something pretentious, like an Oxford comma, for which I would draw the mark on my face and sport a suit with baggy trousers?

But I’ve got papers due and cowboy boots in my closet. I’m just going to be a cowboy.

Anthony Szudarski


This Halloween, I want to become a real-life superhero, like the kind that would put Batman to shame.

Not really. That would be cool, but I’d rather just not have to go to class and maybe sleep in.

I’m not really one to party on a Wednesday, so I really just want to do my homework for the day and then call it a night.

Not the most exciting plans, I know.

I’m already going to be rocking my Fred Flintstone costume to get extra credit in class, so I’ll get enough of dressing up for the day.

Holly New


First of all, I want to have the night off from work.

I want to go to Walmart, bypass the traditional begging of candy from complete strangers and purchase my own favorite candies, like Reese’s and Milky Way.

Then I want to go home and cuddle with my cat, Bob, in a mass of fleece blankets, and watch a stream of my favorite scary movies while chowing down on my huge supply of candy and homemade popcorn.

My favorite scary titles include the Paranormal Activity series, The Crazies, Night of the Living Dead and absolutely anything made by M. Night Shyamalan.

Kayla Nebel


My Halloween may be a tad childish, but I want a dream Halloween.

I want to start my day with some good old fashioned trick-or-treating in an awesome homemade costume.

After getting sick of ringing people’s doorbells, I want to go to a corn maze and become one of the children of the corn.

Once it gets really dark, I’d sit around a bonfire with my costumed friends and tell horror stories.

Once it gets too cold, we’d go inside and watch B-rated horror movies ’till we all fell asleep.