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Holding onto your goals can be the path to success

By Kayla Nebel | October 31, 2012

Here is your sign. It’s time to wake up. We all have our own reasons for being in college. The reasons are as diverse as the individuals here at the university, and I’m not telling you the right reason for being here. But for whatever ambition that...

InFocus: What do you want out of Halloween?

By Troy Doetch, Anthony Szudarski, Holly New, and Kayla Nebel | October 30, 2012

Troy Doetch Columnist Every Halloween, I want my costume to be impressive. Something topical, like Mitt Romney with a binder full of Barbies? Something obscure, like Michael Chabon’s superhero the Escapist, with the golden key insignia? Or something...

Tips to staying wide awake during class

By Kayla Nebel | October 23, 2012

I’ll call you a liar if you say you’ve never fallen asleep in class. I’m very studious and I strive for the greatest grades I can possibly earn, but even I sleep in class. I had times during the day in high school where I was surprised if I stayed...

Studies show correlations, not causations

By Kayla Nebel | October 16, 2012

Have you ever heard of a study you can’t believe is true or that seems completely random? Scientists are researching everything these days, trying to find a relation between two things and claim they found it. The way studies are progressing, scientists...

What does Homecoming mean to you?

By Northern Star Staff | October 11, 2012

Troy Doetch Columnist I’ve never directly participated in Homecoming. I’ve never watched the game, except inattentively on a television in my peripheral. I’ve never voted for one of the unfamiliar faces in the Homecoming Court. I’ve never rep’d...

Spelling, grammar important to professionalism

By Kayla Nebel | October 9, 2012

Professionalism is held in the highest regard by any institution that considers itself a credible source. An easy way for professionalism to be represented across the planes of white paper or through a computer screen is by using correct spelling and...

Don’t judge a movie by its’ book

By Kayla Nebel | October 3, 2012

Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Lord of the Rings. To some, these titles describe stories unraveled through black text. To others, these are actors moving across a silver screen. Both versions tell a unique story, and each should be appreciated as...

There’s no place like home

By Kayla Nebel | October 1, 2012

After coughing up my weight’s worth of mucus and being curled up at home on a couch for six days, returning back to the dorm life was something I was looking forward to. I felt the warm feeling of coming home to a loving community and a fantastic room...

She found love in a hopeless place

By Kayla Nebel | September 19, 2012

I have recently joined a class of people that I previously hated: bikers. In my mind, bicyclists were worse than cars drivers. Cyclists were the bully of the sidewalk; they go too fast, cut people off and act like they are better than everyone. Our “friends”...

Alone time is important in daily life

By Kayla Nebel | September 11, 2012

It’s come to my attention that there is an ignored and under-appreciated art form on campus: the art of being alone. I know it sounds ridiculous, but with the rarity of alone time people have, it might as well be an artistic ability. To be alone these...

Technology that is here to stay: smartphones

By Kayla Nebel | September 5, 2012

“There’s an app for that.” Those words are the catchphrase for the current generation. It’s true, there are applications for almost everything you want. You can buy a fun game that challenges what you know. You can also get an app that let’s...

Dont be afraid to sieze the day

Don’t be afraid to sieze the day

By Kayla Nebel | May 1, 2012

I spent my entire weekend doing nothing. I had a lot of work I needed to do, but I didn’t do anything. No one seemed to want to hang out; everyone was busy. So I did nothing. Knowing that I would have to accomplish something sometime, I went to