C’mon Huskies, let’s show the Illini some real school spirit

By The Editorial Board

On Saturday, the Huskies will take on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in some good ole’ fashioned football.

While we think school spirit is essential for every sporting event, we think that, for this game, it’s time to pull out all the stops.

We all know someone who goes to U of I, and we think you’d agree with this, when it comes to school pride, they’re pretty smug. And the usual reason why they’re smug, is because they go to U of I.

So this Saturday, we’re asking you do to your part and crank your school spirit up to 11 (or 110 percent if you didn’t get that Spinal Tap reference).

There’s still over 6,000 tickets left for the game. Be sure to check out Andrew Singer’s story on how to get tickets on the back page of this issue.

If you’re unable to get tickets for the game, or unable to find a way to get down there, then you always can find someone who has The Big Ten Network and watch it from home base.

It’s time to bark loudly, Huskies. Time to bark loudly.