Freedom mobile

I am writing in response to the editorial about Mr. Robinson in the Nov. 23 issue of The Northern Star. I find the issue about the Freedom Mobile to be utter nonsense. I guess I can’t figure out why one student, especially one who is to be a so-called “distinguished gentlemen” has such a difficult time accepting the fact that he was at fault. The rules to the Freedom Mobile were put in place long before Mr. Robinson came to school here, and they will be here long after he leaves.

I believe that matters like this should be left alone. Paul broke the rules of the Mass Transit Board and he was given the same warnings as everyone else who were to break them. Why is everything to be put in a man’s perspective who is educated enough to be able to accept things as they are handed out. Just because he’s black, blind, and older than most of the rest of the students who are enrolled in the university does not mean he has to throw a temper tantrum because he does not get his way. I am sure being the way Paul works, this issue was brought up again because he felt he was being discriminated against. Well Mr. Robinson, you’re only being treated like all the other students who have a disability, and it’s not a pretty sight, but that’s the prejudice and ignorance in the world and you have to accept it.

I find this article to only be in favor of Paul, well there was another side. Paul had the chance to be put back on the van and he chose the route of a lawsuit. If the U.S. Department of Education’s decision is not good enough than I guess nothing will be unless Paul is to be made a very special privilege on this campus, and he gets anything he wants when he snaps his fingers.

Jennifer Eustace

History Major