Local man goes to great lengths in search for money clip


A money clip and a worn $2 bill may be worthless to some, but one man would go to great lengths to get those two objects back.

Dave Bush, a 91-year-old DeKalb resident, lost his money clip and $2 bill last Friday at The Junction Eating Place, 816 W. Lincoln Highway, after eating a meal with his friends.

“The last thing I remember was [the money clip] on the counter,” Bush said. “Once I got home, I checked my pocket and realized I didn’t have it.”

The money clip was an anniversary gift from Bush’s late wife who died in 2003. The clip was said to be leather and magnetic with a duck head on the front.

The $2 bill is worn and dog-eared, but its importance is greater than its monetary worth. The paper money has been in Bush’s possession since the late ’50s and has every important date and event of Bush’s life recorded on it.

Once he realized the clip was lost, Bush retraced his steps to the restaurant. Junction owner Gus Bahramis said he would return the lost objects to their rightful owner.

“He doesn’t know where he lost it, but if I find it, I’ll give it to him,” Bahramis said.

After he left the restaurant, he scoured The Junction’s parking lot, checked his car and looked throughout his home.

“If you talk about a mysterious disappearance, that was it,” Bush said.

Bush attended NIU in 1936 and 1937 and felt if a current student found the clip, he or she would be more apt to return the lost objects to an NIU alum.

“If a student found it, [I think] he’d appreciate giving it back to an older student,” Bush said.

Bush’s daughter Anne Quinlan said she would be grateful to any person who would return her father’s lost money clip.

“I’d be very thankful,” Quinlan said. “There’s a lot of [sentimental] value in it because it is from my mother.”