thank you


I would like to thank Pete Schuh for bringing to attention a long-standing problem at this university (Your mother does not work here! Nov. 10, 1993). I find it truly disgusting that men around this campus have absolutely no respect for some of the most sacred rooms on this campus, the washrooms.

As a prospective political science major, I find that most of my classes meet in DuSable. The washrooms in this building are more repulsive than port-a-pottys at a local carnival.

But, Pete, your suggested solution of cleaning up after ourselves would never work considering how apathetic NIU students are. We could never call to arms all students to do what parents have been teaching us our entire lives. How could you suggest such a thing? I am shocked!

I wonder why men on this campus find trashing a bathroom so rewarding? It may be that alcohol has permanently numbed their brains. Thanks for addressing a problem that really affects the students. It is too bad the cries will more than likely fall on deaf ears, as most things do here at NIU.

Chris Widlund