Kris Povlsen receives Northern Star’s endorsement for DeKalb mayor


An alderman for 11 years with experience as the acting mayor for the last seven months, Kris Povlsen received the Northern Star’s endorsement for DeKalb mayor.

During interviews with the editorial board, Povlsen endorsed the creation of an NIU Student Commission, which would help in linking the university to the city in ways never done before.

This bold new initiative is essential in our endorsement, and we will highly encourage Povlsen and the city council to explore the ways in which this new commission could be utilized.

Another debated link between the city and the university is the ability for the University Police Department and the DeKalb Police Department to work together more closely. Povlsen believes in this issue and wants a good working relationship between the two departments, which would help make the campus and the areas around the campus safer. He has already talked to both the UP chief and the DeKalb police chief to help start the process.

As DeKalb mayor, one has the power to run the liquor commission and thus approve or deny liquor licenses throughout the city. The city council debated numerous times over the property that Detox Bar & Grille, 1000 W. Lincoln Highway, currently owns. Povlsen is expected to allow Detox to receive a class E liquor license. He wants to see local businesses succeed in town and believes Detox will offer something new for the under-21 crowd. Povlsen wants to see good business plans that allow people to stay in DeKalb on the weekends, specifically the students.

Outdoor dining throughout downtown would help accomplish that goal.

He advocates an open government while encouraging the city to be more Internet-friendly.

He advocates a free-market society with regard to an incentive-based business plan. He believes the city should offer new businesses a monetary incentive to locate in DeKalb, which would help start the business on the right foot. He believes in allowing the community to dictate which businesses stay and succeed and which ones fold and fail.

The Northern Star editorial board believes that Kris Povlsen will be the best to move the city forward with his experience and leadership qualities.