Editorial Board endorses incumbent Dave Baker as pick for 6th Ward Alderman


Dave Baker is the right choice for DeKalb 6th Ward Alderman.

Baker has the experience and the resume to benefit the 6th Ward. Being the 6th Ward Alderman for eight years, he has worked on a number of projects to support NIU students. In the Northern Star’s experience in covering DeKalb City Council, we have witnessed Baker vote against tax hikes for NIU students and DeKalb residents, and we believe he will continue to have the students in mind when voting on issues. Baker said hikes on restaurant and bar taxes are a direct attack on students. Baker continues to contest controversial issues on the council. He states his opinion and then sticks with it. Baker will vote for what he believes is in the best interest for his ward.

In the Northern Star’s interview with Baker, he said he has been working not only within his own ward, but he has reached out to the 1st and 7th ward to improve the community. When these aldermen reach across their ward’s lines, the NIU community benefits. Baker said he is the only businessman on city council. He said small businesses are a core of this community. At the same time, he has helped bring Kohls, 2070 Sycamore Road; Best Buy, 2074 Sycamore Road; JC Penney, 2540 Sycamore Road; Schnuck’s, 975 S. Annie Glidden Road, and other businesses to DeKalb. NIU students will benefit from having Baker as the 6th ward representative because he continues to look for new businesses to come to the city.

He has over 30 years of experience as a business owner. He is the owner of Copy Service, 1005 W. Lincoln Highway, and through this business, he has helped employ members of the community and connect to NIU students.

Baker looked at every option in the reconstruction of Annie Glidden, including getting federal funding to complete the project.

When an alderman is voting with students in mind time and time again, we expect him to continue to support the NIU community. Baker has been a responsible alderman for the past eight years, and we expect that to continue if elected to a third term.