Students enjoy outdoor activities with approaching summer weather


As summer break creeps closer, many students are counting the change in their pockets with hopes of an event-filled hiatus. With a little creative thinking, students who are pressed for cash can have a pleasant summer without burning holes in their pockets.

Lisa Hall, freshman pre-nursing major, plans on having the ‘usual’ summer with a twist. Besides shopping and watching movies, Hall wants to go miniature golfing with her friends.

“My family and I go to the ‘Pirate’s Cove’ chain, and it’s a lot of fun,” Hall said. “I want to putt-putt golf in Peoria with my friends.”

The cost for miniature golfing may be too much for some, but making fun at home with friends is almost always free. Roopak Pandya, freshman accountancy major, wants to spend a lot of quality time with friends in any way possible.

“I plan on playing a lot of sports [such as] football, volleyball and basketball, hanging out with friends, going to the pool and maybe wasting time on Facebook every once in a while,” Pandya said.

Pandya is looking forward to cooling down in his friend’s pool after a day full of sporting events.

“When we swim, there’s usually some sort of basketball or football beforehand,” Pandya said. “So it’s nice to go for a swim after getting all sweaty.”

Some students, such as Breanne Lindsay, freshman undecided major, just want to spend time outside.

“I’m going to go fishing, plant a garden and have a barbecue with my friends,” Lindsay said.

Although Lindsay enjoys the idea of fishing, what she does may not be considered fishing at all.

“I don’t actually catch fish,” Lindsay said. “I don’t have the patience. I usually catch tadpoles and pick flowers, but I like to be one with nature sometimes.”