‘Groogrux King’ anticipated


Dave Matthews Band recently announced the name of its new studio album, “Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King.”

The name Groogrux was known for being the nickname of late bandmate LeRoi Moore and was pushed back from its original April release date to just before the band’s summer tour on June 2.

This being the first studio album released since the death of original saxophonist Moore, many are hoping for an amazing tribute album.

The band and all of its usual friends seem to have come together to make this album one of their most memorable. Regular touring performers and friends Tim Reynolds, Jeff Coffin and Rashawn Ross have been sitting in with the band on this important album.

As all avid DMB fans know, these extraordinary musicians can perform amazing jams and spectacular live performances. Fans can only hope that the magic on the stage can carry over to the studio.

This is also the band’s first studio album in four years and adds to the anticipation.

Fans are eagerly waiting for some new hits to jam out to this summer, and with musicians such as Reynolds, Coffin and Ross helping out, that wish will come true.

However, there is one concern about this album: will it be new and fresh? The band has released 16 live recordings since its last studio album with new songs such as “Cornbread,” “Break Free,” “Eh-Hee” and “The Idea Of You.” Although a studio recording of these would be great, in order for this album to be the bombshell every fan wants, there needs to be all new songs — songs that no one has heard, songs that show the band’s growth and change since 2005.

Whatever tunes come with this album, it will surely be a testament to Groogrux and all of his friends that have been playing their unique music for decades to legions of fans.