‘I’m on a boat’ parody deserves attention also


“In A Snuggie – Mikey & Big Bob”

If you think Snuggies are ridiculous and love parody songs, then you’ll love the YouTube video “In a Snuggie” by Mikey and Big Bob from the Morning Freak Show at 96.1 KISS FM in Pittsburgh.

The song’s beat and concept are centered around “I’m On A Boat” by The Lonely Island featuring T-Pain, which originally aired on an episode of “Saturday Night Live” as a digital short. However, instead of being on a boat, these two radio disc jockeys are in Snuggies.

Although the video isn’t by any means high quality, it is still effective enough to poke fun at two very popular items: Snuggies and a YouTube video with 12 million hits. The lyrics to the song are funny and touch on all the aspects that make both things so popular. This month-old parody, with already 80,000 hits, will probably never become as popular as the original, but it is still worth the time to check out this laughable YouTube video.