Paintball club, SA speaker share thoughts on extra funding


The NIU Paintball Club received good news Sunday when the Student Association Senate agreed to pay $4,500 toward the club’s trip to Florida for the National Collegiate Paintball Association College Championships.

The $4,500 covers 75 percent of the total $6,000 needed for the tournament, which takes place April 17 to 19 in Lakeland, Fla.

Though the Huskies were looking for all $6,000 to come from the SA, NIU paintball president Dave Moore was more than satisfied with what they received.

“There was some resistance,” Moore said of the SA’s willingness to give money. “Overall, I think they made the right decision.”

Matthew Venaas, Speaker of the Senate, said there was much debate about how much to give to the club.

“There was a lot of concern about how much money they got,” Venaas said. “There were a lot of questions about how they came up with their figures of needing $6,000, if there were cheaper ways of finding transportation. But we knew how important this trip was for them.”

Venaas also said the Senate was willing to spend just $1,500 but after debate agreed that $4,500 would be suitable.

Moore said the club will be looking for sponsorships and possibly fundraising for the remaining $1,500. Already they have received a sponsorship from the University Plaza.

“Worst case scenario would be me covering for the rest of the money, and the club just paying me back,” Moore said.

The club will have preparation for nationals this Saturday as they travel to Wisconsin for a 17-team tournament.