Students spending more time outdoors with rising temperatures


As the springtime temperatures begin to rise, many NIU students are neglecting their scholarly duties in favor of spending more of their free time outside.

Brandie Stauffacher, freshman public health major, said she is excited to be out in the warmer weather.

“I have been cooped up in the dorms all winter long, and it drives me crazy,” Stauffacher said. “Besides, campus is really pretty in the spring.”

Other than looking “pretty,” the NIU campus and DeKalb area both offer plenty of outdoor opportunities, allowing students more time in the fresh air.

According to the DeKalb Park District Web site, Hopkins Park , 1403 Sycamore Road, is home to enclosed baseball fields and picnic areas. Nora Fergus, freshman early childhood education major, says she enjoys picnics and may use the areas in Hopkins Park to her advantage.

“I’m all up for picnics,” Fergus said. “I do them all the time. They’re lots of fun.”

If transportation is a problem, the NIU campus can provide students with unique alternatives in spending their time. Freshman undecided major Katy Siler said she likes throwing around a Frisbee in the commons behind the residence halls.

“Playing Frisbee is fun, because you always make new friends,” Siler said. “It’s a great workout, and someone always gets hurt,”

If a Frisbee is not nearby, taking a walk around campus is a sure way to burn extra calories while taking in the spring scenery.

For people like Fergus, any day can become a fun day with a little imagination.

“I’ve had a ‘Tuesday rules day’ where I frolicked on the campus and climbed trees,” Fergus said.